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Check out these websites:

The Idea Box -- Games, activities,+ more for both toddlers and preschoolers

Mostly Mommies -- Online game links for toddlers and older children.

Fisher Price  -- A variety of game and play activties.

Family Education -- Activities and crafts for toddlers.

Family TLC --Enter your child’s age to access family activities: games, sports,crafts, music, cooking, nature and more. Find parenting tips, articleson child development and hundreds of new age-appropriate childactivities each month.

Enchanted Learning -- Although these crafts for preschoolers and up, the site states,
"With adult supervison and guidance, even toddlers can make the most of these simple projects."

90 Toddler Crafts -- Ideas for encouraging your toddler's curiosity as they interact with the world in tactile and creative ways.


Craft Recipes


You'll need: Cornstarch, water, and food coloring (optional)

Directions: Put some cornstarch into a shallow bowl. Add enough water to makepaste with firm consistency. If desired, you may also add food coloring. This makes messy slime that goes form liquid to solid.



You'll need:

     1 part liquid starch

     1 part Elmer's White Glue®

     Food coloring (optional)

Directions:Mix glue and starch together until it feels like putty. If desired, addfood coloring and mix thoroughly. If the putty is too sticky, add moreliquid starch. When not is use, Silly Putty should be stored in anairtight container.



In a large container combine:

     1½ cups warm water

     2 cups white glue

     Food coloring

In second, smaller container, combine:  

     1-1/3 cups warm water

     3 teaspoons Borax* ( available in the laundry section of the grocery store)

Mix ingredients in each container thoroughly.

Pour contents of smaller container into large container.

Gently lift and turn mixture until only about a tablespoon of liquid is left.

FLUBBERwill be sticky for a moment or two. Let excess liquid drop off thenFLUBBER will be ready! STRETCH IT! BOUNCE IT! ROLL IT!


PLAY DOUGH  (This recipe can easily be doubled)

You'll need:

     1 cup all-purpose flour

     1 cup water

     2 teaspoons cream of tartar

     ½ cup salt

     1 tablespoon cooking oil

     1 teaspoon powdered alum (available in spice section at grocery store)

     A few drops of food coloring


Combine ingredients. Heat and stir until mixture forms a soft ball.  

Put mixture onto waxed paper until cool.  

Knead slightly to eliminate grainy texture.  

Store in tightly covered container.  

Remember — Play Dough picks up germs so throw dough away after awhile and make new batch. It is economical and simple to make.


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